Friday, March 28, 2014

We Are Honor Bound

Honor Bound” is a television series that tells the stories of American military personnel and the people they help through humanitarian aid and Assistance Operations. These military professionals are redefining what it means to be a soldier. Moreover, through their mission to win the hearts and minds of diverse populations, they are transforming the military and the very definition of victory.

Many of their assigned efforts include building schools, roads, bridges, hospitals, clinics and other necessary facilities. However, in thousands of quiet ways, soldiers often go beyond the prevue of their deployments to provide personal help to local populations, often at great risk. In doing so, they create a more fertile ground for freedom and liberty to flourish.

The focus of “Honor Bound” is to accurately document these smaller, local projects such as digging wells, food delivery, and providing medical care. Most often this work – much of it voluntary – goes on unseen, except for the individuals whose lives are forever changed by it.

The goal of this project is to make the American public aware of the life-saving work being carried out by US soldiers every day all around the world under harsh and dangerous conditions. We believe there is an enormous appetite for authentic and compelling reports from the field of battle that demonstrate the full investment of military personnel.

Two 30 minute pilot episodes are currently in post production as directed by the Honor Bound’s creator, Raymond Bechard, an American journalist and author. Recently, he traveled with U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan to capture the stories of “Operation Care,” a volunteer program benefiting Afghan children as well as members of the Army’s Agricultural Development Team from the Texas National Guard.